Yomagick – Dreamlands

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Yomagick (Maciek Martyniuk)





Polish graphic designer explores in this last project the world of dreams and tries to poetically represent it giving the ideia that dreams require an elevation to our highest intrinsic level. This elevation is achieved through the frequent analogy of the very high bed or the bed with a lagder on top of it, which is something that translated to the idea of an higher plateau in direction to the place where the dream is processed – the subconscious. The clouds gain a fundamental role in this collection because they are the necessary sign to its deep and real interpretation, sometimes represented by the entry door for this subliminar world.


There’s an open inspiration to a recent trip in Asia, specially regarding Japan, that helped Yomagick in the creation of a formate where a singular and individual element is inserted in an utopic scenario. The same inspiration follows surreal lines from Dali and Miró, and the use of small rounded figures only helps with this fanciful canvas.


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