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Pierre Jeanneret (1886-1967) was a Swiss designer and architect, hided in the shadows of his cousin/associate Le Corbusier (famous architect in the 20’s). Jeanneret was responsible for design pieces that later were vividly appreciated and are seen today as icons from an artistically rich era.

The aesthetics present in all pieces benefit from neutral colors that easily adapt to the room they’re in, which makes the most attractive element the drawing of the piece itself. In his collection Chandigarh, which is up to this date in audition and the last pair of chairs was sold by 100 thousand euros to Raf Simons’ collection. Through Phillips‘s site we can follow this artist’s next auditions and buy his pieces by contacting an specialist.

053 Capitol Complex Armchair

051 Capitol Complex Office Armchair – original piece handmade by an 85 years old Indian artisan

“Public Bench settee” 1960

It’s unquestionable the effect that a discreet piece like 051, 053 and its respective variations bring to the environment in question, making it eclectic and subtle. Undoubtedly, two great pieces of design.

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Alexis Christodoulou