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Surreal interior – Nelson de Araújo

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Nelson de Araújo




Design, Digital, Interview

“A designer and an artist always sees and feels things in a different way, the human being creates a bond with the feeling and that is something I try to explore, mainly in utopic places, the desire of being in that place.”

What sets Nelson de Araújo apart in these surreal settings is the product design component, more specifically furniture design. Thus, Nelson includes a real touch in the middle of a fantasy vision, never failing to appreciate the unique pieces that appear as the center and focus of the image. Some of these pieces (Ollie Collection, for example) are already being produced by brands such as Duquesa & Malvada, a luxury design brand, and others are still waiting a company (Matilda Armchair).

Matilda Armchair


“Living in a country that breathes design, culture and art makes you observe and feel things differently” the artist tells us when asked how his Erasmus experience in Italy was able to shape his artistic path. It is an experience in which the Portuguese designer places great responsibility, something that is perfectly understandable considering that it is a country that “has lived in design since post-World War II, while the concept of design arrives later in Portugal.”


CGI Apartment

The Farout House: collaboration with Cristina La Porta

Roots table 



One of his most acclaimed projects is Villa Rivera, the portrait of an imaginary house inspired by Miami in the 80s, but Temple also deserves attention given the idyllic and aesthetically pleasing aspect, enhanced by the wide spaces.



Villa Rivera: collaboration with Cristina La Porta

Villa Rivera: collaboration with Cristina La Porta


Temple: collaboration with Argot Studio



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Obrigada pela disponibilidade Nelson!

(All quotes were translated from Portuguese)

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