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Hoa Vo

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Space Exploration 101, The Duos




Design, Digital, Interview

“Save your insanity for creativity”

Taking two new projects as an escape from difficult moments during the pandemic, Hoa Vo takes refuge in digital surrealism, making use of all instruments susceptible of manipulation to create an alternative world. Within these instruments, color and unique design pieces stand out, the first being used as a direct vehicle of emotions and interpretative identity of the image. The use of iconic design comes from a need of approximation with design in its deepest and broadest sense, admitting that the academic path taken sometimes distances from the industry.


Summer heat – “bright red indicated a hot and suffocating afternoon in an apartment with no air conditioner”


Green Oasis – Serie Up 2000 de Pesce


SPACE EXPLORATION 101 is a project focused on utopic places, a more surreal atmosphere than all your other projects. Did you have a particular inspiration for it? What motivated you to follow this path?

I started to work on Space Exploration 101 during the COVID-19 quarantine (May _ June 2020). I was under a lot of pressure back then. Concerns for health safety and depressions from isolation took a toll on my psychological wellbeing. My only relief was surfing digital renderings of surreal interiors, architectures, and spaces on Instagram. For a moment, I traveled to foreign lands with all the beauty of well-designed structures, objects, and sceneries. Though temporary, they released me from the confinement of my apartment’ walls. Then I asked myself, “What if I create my own oasis, a fortress against all the anxiety and depression out there, and share it with others? Would it be a more productive and positive way to spend time?”. So, I created the account Visualfortress on Instagram and “tested the water” with Space Exploration 101. The meaning behind the name is: “Your mind is your final fortress, and a beautiful visual is a gateway.”


Is the progressive fusion of spaces (desert, lake, ocean) random or is there a logical sense in the order they were designed? That is, is there any relationship between the scenarios and the spaces that is not purely harmonious?

The series represented the fusion of my past, present, and future. Or the places where I’m from, currently at, and wish to visit in the future. (Following images as examples)

Into the Blue – “a Mediterranean city in Greece. This location explained the “iconic” blue tone and Greek vibe I used for the rendering.”


The Lagoon – “a coastal region in Asia (at night). I spent my entire childhood playing with the sand, chasing the waves, and enjoying the salty summer breezes of the seaside. It has been years since the last time I was in the sea so I kind of miss it.”


The Golden Hour


Window to the Mind


Cảm ơn! and


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