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Chiara Passa


Still Life (2020)



The link between art and technology, whether because of the way they influence each other or because of the barriers that are mutually eased, are among the most vibrant topics that are currently being discussed within each of these areas. There are several artists who currently put all this to the test, always in different ways and at different rhythms.


Chiara Passa, an Italian digital artist, has as her most recent project a surreal immersion, possible only with the help of VR glasses, which contribute to the final completion of the art-piece. Still Life gathers complex themes, emphasizing a philosophical approach, yet, making the key question very clear: the duality between what is dead in nature but vividly present in art.


In the video that follows, a version of the work available on YouTube with a 360º option, it is possible to silently explore the landscape in which we immerse ourselves and contemplate this space that functions as a still-life canvas: “In “Still life” I designed each piece to behave and transform beyond its own functionality, according also to the Object Oriented Ontology philosophy.






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