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Beach Hotel in Odessa

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Design, Digital

Pastel colours, luminosity and stone: this is how this brilliant project orchestrated by Alexey Gulesha together with the Ukrainian studio Sivak+Partners can be summed up. Each and every detail has been intensively planned, from the choice of the art on display, to the technology present in the bathroom glass, which becomes opaque in the presence of someone on the inside.


It is with enthusiasm that Alexey describes to us the small details he thought about, explaining that the main idea was always to create a harmonious contrast between the stone of the “cave” and human coziness.

The idea was to create a bathtub that resulted solely from natural forces, keeping it in stone (just like the floor) and bringing it closer to what can be described as a hot spring.


Equally interesting is the description of the office area. The steel bar has the function of emphasizing the contrast, while simultaneously connecting the stone wall (representing the force of nature) and the human/technological presence.

Also noteworthy is the shelf that emerges from the rough surface.


The simple kitchen comes with a rest area that tries to bring a little more light and color.


The painting works as a highlight of the natural beauty that constitutes the wall.





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