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Andrés Reisinger, Argentine designer, caught attention with his tridimensional works and was included in Forbes 30under30 this year. The chromatic vibration becomes crucial while embedded with neuroaesthetics – recent field of Aesthetic that tries to explain scientifically the neurological reactions whilst in contact with any element susceptible of being judged esthetically.


There are two main elements which are sufficiently capable of denoting a pattern: a fundamental color and the sphere. The first one, normally pink, gives us a pleasant atmosphere that automatically becomes the center of the space’s perception, only then other colors are added in details. The other aspect is the sphere, that strategically positioned transforms itself into an individual body that imprints a physical presence almost as a human alternative.


Terrace North

Summer House, Spain

The house of Tokyo

Electric Nature

Electric Nature (as well as the cover of this article)


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