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Architecture, Design

Air is a Victoria Yakusha’s project, Ukrainian architect and designer, that associated instability with minimalism. The studio, Yakusha Design, is known fot his participation in various fields of design, mainly due to their round pieces of decoration with sober colors.


The cantilever construction enhances, simultaneously, two crucial aspects: the adaptation to the irregular ground and the placement on top of the sea. The first mentioned is essential since the steep slope makes it difficult for any construction plan. The other important aspect is the architectonic dynamic, resulting from the dominance of physical laws – singular cantilever’s characteristic – fundamental for the piece’s first impression. We can also observe an interest and impressive merge between exterior impact, modern and with straight lines, and the minimalistic interior (compounded with the studio’s decoration round pieces). This way, the interior becomes smoothly pleasant and brings attention to how simple yet aesthetic an accommodation can be.




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